Test Bash Philly 99 Second Talk - Leap, Don't Look

Credit: Jeffrey Veregge - http://www.jeffreyveregge.com

Leap, Don't Look 

Superheroes have to start somewhere.

They learn over time.
They have complex stories.
They do things at times we all wonder about.
They do things we wish we could do ourselves.

A short time ago, 
I wished I could write more, 
I wished I could speak more, 
I wished I could learn and grow my skills.

I did a lot of wishing. 

I wished for people to understand my viewpoint, 
or at least give me credit for the good ideas along with the dumb ones.

I wished my life was more interesting than it was.

I wished.

One day, I stopped wishing and I did.

It was a small step. 
Just a tiny one. 

I wrote an essay for a contest about how much I loved Ministry of Testing and Test Bash.

In two years, I've gone from wishing to doing. 
I've traveled more, 
I write more, 
I've learned more and continue to do so.

So Leap, don't look.
Do, don't wait.
Don't let fear of failure and what if's stop you.

Be your own superhero.

Testers thrive on doing the impossible, 
testing the edge cases and the boundaries,
finding the mysteries in the black box.

If you aren't doing the same thing in life, 
even in the smallest way, you might be missing a very significant part 
of why you are a tester in the first place.


  1. Stop wishing, do doing.

    Absolutely love this post, Mel! I'm totally inspired by your words. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for reading! Makes my day :)


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