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Mel's Thoughts: AB Testing Podcast #60

"If you rely only on your eyes,  your other senses weaken."
― Frank Herbert,
If you haven't heard this specific podcast episode yet, you as a tester, as a developer, as an anything in the software development lifecycle, need to go listen to it.

Alan and Brent are definitely on the right track with this podcast. I have been shifting towards these things they discuss, like using analytics to test data, features, and getting to the root of the what the customer wants.

Customizable interfaces that machines build for people instead of people building specific tools. I've mentioned before that I don't think we will really have GUIs in the next 10 years. With the take over of voice user interfaces, and more APIs being made available in the public domain, the shift will come to the point that businesses will be about serving up information, they won't be able creating log-in features or displaying content. All of that will be scrapped, captured, …