TestBash Philly 2017 - The Lost 99 Second Talk

Honestly, I didn't really lose it, it was buried with all my other writing notes. I wanted to post this today as a reminder that if you work in the tech industry, you are not non-technical. I'm sure someone out there will disagree with that statement, but I feel like it's important to keep saying it. Inclusion vs exclusion. You may not be as technically skilled as someone else, but that doesn't mean you are non-technical. 

This is the full text of the planned 99 second talk I gave at TestBash Philly 2017 (I omitted some things for time, but wanted to post the original here).

Recognizing Your Technical Might
Who has a computer or smart phone?

As owners of these things…have you called yourself Non-technical?

Yes - Me Too!

 It’s Bullshit!

How many you have been free IT service for your relatives?

Me too.

We tell our devices all kinds of things everyday. We give our devices instructions, and those instructions trigger other instructions.

We have become so clever in disguising the t…

Coaching & Mentoring: Sometimes It's About The Pebbles

I've had the very cool, very humbling opportunities of mentoring and coaching other IT folks over the last two years or so. The topics are varied but mostly I try to encourage the people I've spoken with or understand what they are struggling with and see if we can solution something out between the two of us. It's been pretty exciting for me to give back to the IT community in this way.

When I was starting in IT, I had a lot of coaches, managers, and mentors who did various things to encourage me and help me deal with some tough situations. Working as a woman in tech can get very discouraging at times and many folks were there to help me through situations and roadblocks which might have resulted in me quitting IT all together. Without mentors and coaches, many of us wouldn't be were we are today.

I was recently discussing with a mentee some difficulties they were having trying to find a way to be valuable on a team. There were large problems that we both identified …

Mob Testing A Mobile App

"We should seek the greatest value of our action."-Stephen Hawking 
I've only done mob "anything" at conferences. It's a skill I've learned and I've been itching to try out for a while and have never found a good opportunity to try it. I recently got my chance to facilitate a mob testing session after I proposed the idea to my team. 
Currently we are working on a mobile application. We had a few days left in our sprint and a couple of stories which needed to be tested. I suggested we do a mob testing session so we could work through the last few stories together as a team. The team liked the idea! I was ecstatic, and then quickly had to figure out how I wanted the session to proceed. 
Assumptions I though the best way to get my team members to think about what they knew and communicate those thoughts to the other team members, was to write down assumptions we had about the application. I stole this idea from a recent twitter thread where several folk…

Testing Community Podcasting At It's Finest!

"You get to a certain age, and you are forbidden access. You're not going to get the kind of coverage that you would like in music magazines; you're not going to get played on radio, and you're not going to get played on television. I have to survive on word of mouth." - David Bowie

I can't say enough about the experiences I've had with Mark Tomlinson, Gem Hill, and Neil Studd. All these podcasts are serving the community of testers exceptionally well. I've been privileged to be on them and for the most part I've not put my foot in my mouth too much.

Testers' Island Discs I think the one exception to that, or three rather, was a couple of date flubs I made on Neil's Island Tester's podcast, and I reversed words at one point stating one thing and describing another. It's out there for folks to listen too. The mistake is glaring to me when I hear it and someone who appreciated my input reached out and asked me if I meant what I s…

Media List for March 2018 - Week 2

This week saw me reading a lot about Black Panther, listening to the sound track and generally enjoying it's ride in the box office. You'll find new headers this week to look into. Movies, music, books are all there, including a header listing my own publications, because it pushes me to write more and put my ideas out there.

From what I hear, Wrinkle In Time isn't fairing as well as it's brother-in-arms. That makes me sad as it's more focused on women and a young girl, being empowered. People that are fans of the book need to take a moment and realized that movies are a different medium and they should be allowed to take some liberties with the story. Most of the negative feedback seems to be coming from some folks that don't like the movie version because it wasn't true to the book. I got over the notion of things being true to a book when the first Dune movie came out, and again when Handmaiden's Tale (the movie, not the series, though the series i…

International Women's Day 2018 - Women Promoting Women

International Women's Day 2018 I have been receiving notifications all day many in the testing community tweeting about the women that have influenced them or gave them an opportunity in their career.

I have much the same story. I have a lot of people on my career path that have helped me, but there are two that changed the course of my career beyond my wild expectations.
Help Desk To Testing When I moved to Austin, Texas, I moved to help further my career, change my life, do something new and exciting, even if I there was a possibility of falling on my face doing it.

I after three months, I was still working remotely for Security Benefit back in Kansas. I was starting to lose hope that I wasn't going to find a job locally, that I was going to work nights for the foreseeable future. The only advantage I had was working as a contractor gave me a little more money and room to be picky about my opportunities.

Eventually I landed a job at an education software company on their h…

Media List For March 2018 - Week 1

Took the month of February off. I have lists, but I didn't post them as I was too freaking busy! Lots of articles published for Ministry of Testing, and Crossbrowser Testing (SmartBear). Attended ETC. Gave a talk/workshop at Ministry of Testing Dallas Meetup. I think I might have managed to get a blog post in during all that too.

This week had some interesting reading, music, and books! I tweaked the format a little to add some other topics that I do enjoy through the week and want to note on my blog. I probably should have a movie column on there as well. Will add that next week.


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