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Evolution Is Hard - Testing Is Evolving

"Are you ready for the next evolution?!"- Master Chief, G.I. Jane
I think it's finally time for me to put some thoughts out there about this "Death" of QA, of the Tester role, of Testing. 
Testing is and always shall be part of everything a human does. That's simple freaking science. We test. We explore. We question. We gather information. We record data. That will never change, ever. Whether a group of people or one person does it, that question is a moot point as well. If you look at any time in history when leaps of logic, science, the arts and even industry happen, there are any number of people involved. There is always at least one. There will always be someone testing whatever there is to test however it fancies them. 
Quality and the level of how well something is done will always be a concern at some level. And depending on whether it's burritos or rockets, there's a level of tolerance which everyone agrees to. When my burrito falls apart, …

My November Goal: "And Now For The Rest Of The Story"

My personal goal for November is to answer a question first and then ask if the person wants more of a story or explanation of why I gave the answer I did. This is my personal goal based on feedback. I was made aware of the round about way I approach my answers, thinking I have to give an explanation up front for everything I'm going to say when a person doesn't have context.

So for you reader, you have a choice. You could leave with my stated goal, and maybe point out to me when I ramble on too much or don't get to the point. Or you can read...

"The Rest of the Story" If you grew up in a rural area, you probably know about Paul Harvey and the "Rest of the Story." They were usually fifteen minute segments which were often played mornings and weekends on many a rural radio station. Harvey would speak to his audiences with a lilting voice and an emotional tone that came through the radio.  Sometimes the stories were funny, sad, or taught a lesson, but they…

Geek Mental Health: Therapy & the Art of Learning No

“You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.” - Robin Williams
Where to begin a story with such a heavy title is always a little daunting. I thought for a long time about publishing this in a more private space, but I feel it's necessary to do it here, where people can read and identify with my struggle and their struggles as well.

I can't say that I've been successful over the years dealing with emotional issues and relationships with coworkers. They have been some of the hardest relationships to deal with all throughout my professional career. A lot of this has to do with upbringing, schooling, and my own personal baggage about what I perceived about myself and what I perceived the other person thought about me.

Life has not been easy. I don't say that to garner sympathy. I say it simply to set my perspective. I know, rationally, others have suffered much more than I have. I know rationally that I …